Enjoying the Nature


I was always in awe of people that seem to know their purpose in life and live with a singular drive and
passion.  Often absorbed in autobiographies about extraordinary lives, I was unknowingly undertaking
a study in how people succeed in creating their dreams.

I turned my love of people watching inwards quite young as I was introduced to the art of self reflection
and meditation, and so bloomed a lifelong quest for the truth of the human condition.

As with most people, my life met some chaotic times and I began to suffer quite considerably under the weight of dysfunctional relationships, poor decisions and ignoring my gut feelings. My life was certainly not turning out as I had thought and I was constantly at the mercy of my circumstances. My heart was shrivelling as I battled with bouts of anxiety, PTSD and a sorrow that ran so deep I could not see the bottom and it terrified me to look. Meanwhile, on the outside, I appeared to be a relatively normal functioning human being and sole parent to a beautiful boy. But I was exhausted, plodding through the motions and feeling utterly powerless.

I couldn't shake the undeniable feeling that something was missing. That there was something more to my life. I wanted my son to lead an extraordinary life and I knew the best example for him was to see me doing it for myself. One day I felt a pull to attend a training that demonstrated to me how we have the power to create anything we would love and it absolutely rocked my world. Since then my life has been full to overflowing with magic and purpose.

The covers were thrown back on my own natural intuitive guidance that I had denied and buried my entire life. I discovered that living a life in my true nature and purpose was not only possible, it is so much easier than the pain of denying it. It filled my heart and made my soul sing. I delved headlong into the study of mastering my own reality and I discovered that each of us have access to our own superconscious genius and the ability to live an empowered existence from our hearts. This was true freedom.


I am absolutely thrilled to share my knowledge and I am dedicated to empowering

others to connect to their hearts and live in their true nature and purpose.

I invite you to invest in yourself and take a step
into your true limitless potential. 


Love and magic xx

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To speak the truth to empower others to be free to live in their true nature and purpose.

Online Tutoring


To recognise and cultivate the true potential in others so that they are empowered to realise their purpose and vision for life to benefit all.