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The Majik Circle is a beautifully connected and generous community of conscious creators, committed to and supporting our intuitive evolution. It is a space to connect and serve ourselves and each other in our highest good.

Joining the group is just the beginning and will provide you with up-to-date information about when these sessions are scheduled. Members of The Majik Circle Sessions come together regularly to practice intuition through the use of circle work. These sessions provide focus, clarity, and momentum, as practicing intuition and working in groups amplifies your energy and your higher connection, which is great news for bringing you closer to your end results and creating a life you would truly love!


We know that being in service to each other through this work really takes us to a whole new level in our own development, so The Majik Circle Sessions are structured to allow you to grow as a participant and also to expand into leadership in a supportive and encouraging environment and give you opportunities to bring your own (BYO) wisdom to The Majik Circle Sessions members. This creates a beautiful synergistic and symbiotic flow of receiving and bestowing our gifts and talents to fully expand into our hearts.

You are invited to come along and strengthen your intuitive pathway to meet your higher self (your genius) alongside some very cool like-minded and dedicated creators.


Creators know growth comes by being in service to others.
Creators know that connecting with others will expand us.

How are you investing in your growth? What is it worth to you?

What is the real cost of not connecting to your heart?